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Located on the property is an expansive 8,000 square-foot warehouse that is suitable for large scale storage or small manufacturing operations. The clear span metal warehouse is surrounded by a security fence and lighted separate parking lot.

The warehouse space is separated by a firewall. One third of the space includes 5 offices, a bathroom/shower, mezzanine storage, a boiler room and a swing arm crane. The additional third of the warehouse space has loading docks for tractor trailers and pickups.

The warehouse has 4-twelve foot roll-up doors, 2 standard entry doors and is covered with a 16’ insulated gable roof. The entire floor is concrete with a 1-ton job crane which has a 360 degree arm swing and an in-floor hydraulic vehicle lift.

Floor plans can be customized and personalized to accommodate your size, space and layout requirements. A separate lease option is available or can be included as a part of office suite lease. It is clean and ready for your business.